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Discover Tartini

As part of the tARTini project, Discover Tartini was created with the aim of preserving, disseminating and promoting the importance of the figure of Giuseppe Tartini, creating a new artistic-cultural itinerary between Piran and Padua, Ljubljana, and Trieste.

The multilingual digital platform offers fans, scholars and tourists the opportunity to follow every stage of the famous violinist's life and career through textual content and archival images such as autograph letters, musical scores, treatises and theoretical and didactic texts, iconographies and biographical sources.

A collection of historical and recent recordings of his most famous sonatas - thus providing an opportunity to learn about hard-to-find sound documents from different historical periods - is also made available to the user to delve deeper into the maestro's compositional activity, alongside videos and audio recordings of concerts performed during the Interreg tARTini project. Special attention is also given to the promotion of concerts and musical events, as well as educational activities for young children with specially dedicated content.

For more infom, visit the website: www.discovertartini.eu

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